About me

Hi there! I’m Erika – a Polish born and bred traveler. I guess it all started thanks to my parents who took me on my first trip when I was just 0.5 years old. It all went up from there. As a kid I visited pretty much half of the world – starting from Hawaii, Acapulco, Bali, Bahamas and many more. Unfortunately my travels didn’t leave me with a lot of memories and apart from my pics I have no proof of ever visiting those incredible locations.

And so it all began. I took the matters in my own two hands and decided to see all the amazing locations the world had to offer on my terms. That meant revisiting the spots I traveled to with my parents for the second time but as you can only imagine those cities had changed a lot for the last 20 years. Not to mentione I didn’t complain to much when I HAD to revisit Hawaii 🙂

I travel on my own or with my husband. We see what we want and when we want to. My travels are not sponsored, and each of my trips is founded entierly from my pocket and what I earn on my 9-5 job. Hope you can relate.

Join me on my adventures, DM or email me if you have any questions or just want to say hi!


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