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Pangea Dreams review – is it worth it?

Before signing up for the Pangea Dreams retreat I Googled and I Googled hard. I searched for the reviews, testimonials and comments. I wanted to know everything! The only problem (which was not really a problem) was that all of…


Introducing my Bucket List

Are you a bucket list person or is it just me? I was never to big on making lists. They always reminded me of work and tasks that had to be done. But one day (on a long ride from…


City of Angels and it’s murals

Are you an Art connoisseur or not really? Do you visit every museum you can during your travels or do you focus on more intense experiences? Whether you’re into art or not street art is during its rebirth. The rebellious…


Spontaneous Paris

Have you ever heard about the „Paris Syndrome”? It’s a mental disorder (I know, way to start a post about Paris) exhibited by some individuals when visiting Paris as a result of extreme shock when they discover that Paris is…


Weekend in Milan

For most of my life my travels were all about seeing, visiting, exploring as much as I can. Once I landed in a new city I ran to the hotel to leave my baggage and then just  start exploring the…


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