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Why I love Mexico – my top pic’s

Are you a visual person? If yes the you’ve come to the right place. I visited Mexico three times and I could return there anytime (seriously! Just get me a ticket!). The people, the culture, the art, the food, the…


Thai to go – Thai cooking class

Any foodies out there? Yes – I’m talking to you. Do you enjoy a little spring roll? A shrimp Pad Thai or Coconut Chicken Soup? What a coincidence! So do I. Asia is famous it’s cuisine – and anyone who…


Mexico is always a good idea

I always believed that even the most beautiful destinations can be divided into two categories – the ones that when you wake up in a new city or country and open your eyes you know right away where you are,…


Best pizza in Milan

We all love pizza right? Whether it’s a classic choice like a little margarita or something more fancy pizza is always a good choice. Eating a real Italian pizza in Naples is still high on my bucket list but when…


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