Bali packing list for Instagrammers

Bali packing list for Instagrammers

Bali is every Instagrammers dream. With breathtaking beaches, exotic villas, many temples and oh so cure shopping spots it’s extremely difficult to leave the Bali without hundreds of cute pictures. So how to pack for this picture-perfect destination? You can find my essentials below.

1. Cute shorts – don’t kid yourself. You won’t be wearing anything longer than a knee length. But any and all shorts are the perfect choice for Bali. Wether you’ll be going to the market on a back seat of a scooter, go shopping or to the beach you just can’t go wrong with shorts.

2. Linen shirts and T-shirts – all shorts need cute tops to go with. The ones that you pick for Bali have to be extra light and breathable. Bali is extremely humid and so the lighter your wardrobe the better.

3. Long and flowy dresses – now, lets get down to business. Your Bali suitcase should be all about dresses. Short, long, plain or with cute pattern. Every dress will do. From white linen dresses to cute flower choices. Pack them all. The only recommendation I have is to make sure, they are light and not just for packing reasons.

Tip: If you’ll be on the island only for a week or two plan ahead what you’ll want to see and pick a specific piece of clothing for a specific place. For example I knew I will be visiting the rice terraces and since they are very green all around I wanted to pick a dress that will make me stand out from the background – so I choosed red. Planning your clothing this way might require extra effort from you but in the end it’ll be so worth it! Trust me.

4. All the swimsuits you can pack – wether it’s for a dip in one of those infinity pools or the ocean you can never pack to many swim suits. And they go along soo well with those cute shorts I mentioned above. I mean what else do you need for a night party on the beach than a backless swim suit and a pair of jeans shorts?

5. Yoga and sport (yoga mat) – Bali is yoga central. Everywhere you look you can spot yoga classes and schools. The island is all about chilling, self love and healing. But who said you can’t look stylish while meditating? Most of the yoga spots (even the outdoor ones) have AC so go ahead and pack some colorful leggings and sport bras to match. I mean who said that you can’t snap some pics once your done with your workout? Namaste!

6. Jewelry – now, lets talk about accessories. I’ll have to admit with all the humidity it was hard for me to think about earrings, necklaces and etc. But once I put them on I forgot I had them on me until someone complemented me how cute they look. It happened most often with my Welly Merck watch which I bought literally days before my trip.

My watch went perfectly with pretty much all of my clothes and looked light and elegant on my wrist. I got so fond of it that I caught myself wearing it a couple times even when I went for a swim in the ocean. Thankfully with it’s water resistance up to 5 Atm I had nothing to worry about. The metal mesh strap looked light on my wrist and I loved every second wearing it. If your in love with my watch as much as I am you can find the exact model in the link below. Use my promo code „WMErika15” when checking out for 15% off.

7. Some light party clothes – I already mentioned that Bali is chill-central. The other side to the island is party. The island is pack with foreigners searching for a good time and whats better than a beach party or hitting one of many exotic clubs? Just remember about picking some light options. Those clubs can get hot (and not just because it’s 86degrees).

8. Open toe shoes (sandals, flip flops) – for my trip I packed 4 kinds of footwear – flip flops, sandals, running shoes (I hiked Mount Batur) and espadrilles. And let me tell you – everything you need are the first two options I mentioned before. I never put on those espadrilles and unless your planning on hiking or running (more power to you if you do) than sport shoes will just be a waist of space in you suitcase.

9. At the pool clothes – now in my dictionary thats a whole separate category. Those kind of clothes I used the most while in Bali. Whenever your going for a dip and than straight for a massage, or just wanna go to one of those water temples and then jump on a scooter – a light net dress or kimono is the best option for you. And if it’ll be showing the swimsuit or bikini you have underneath – the better!

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