Beauty Heroes – The biggest hero of them all

Beauty Heroes – The biggest hero of them all

Life has a funny way of bringing people together. I met the incredible and brilliant Jeannie Jarnot when I was 4 or 5 yo. She was the perfect big sister I never had. I can’t lie – I don’t remember that much from our time together in Hawaii, but when we met again in New York or when I finally got to visit the islands as a grownup, she always made me feel like no time has passed. Yup, that’s Jeannie. A girl with a huge smile and at least 10 times bigger heart.

Jeannie Jarnot – the founder and CEO of Beauty Heroes

Growing up in one of the most beautiful places in the world had a huge impact on Jeannie. Long before becoming the first ever Beauty Hero she was a longtime spa director and healthy beauty expert. Not a surprise – it was not enough for Jeannie. With a passion for beauty and skin care she wanted to deliver her costumers products that they can trust. And that’s how Beauty Heroes were born.

We all hear information about all the toxic ingredients that can be found in beauty products. Although more and more companies are now trying to stop testing their products on animals (finally!) why don’t we protect our skin and body the same way we protect the little ones? Women use an average of 12 beauty products a day. And they all can contain up to 168 different chemicals. That’s a lot! And that’s where Beauty Heroes enters.

At some point we all want to focus on what Mother Earth can give us. We spend so much time focusing on bio foods – why not take the time and care about our beauty products as well? Beauty Heroes were born because Jeannie began her quest to make clean beauty the rule rather than exception. Hand picking and selecting all products that you will find on was a tough and responsible job and Jennie wanted to make sure only the best ones made the cut. Jeannie works with each and every brand individually to deliver you only the best luxurious skincare products from brands who have an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, ingredient purity and unparalleled quality. In a nutshell – Jeannie is redefining beauty one step at a time. 

What Beauty Heroes give you? The power to take care of your body and skin without having to compromise. Go to and shop form dozens of categories and even more brands. If you know what you’re looking for and what your body needs, you can find it instantly on the official website. If, however you’re just starting your journey with conscious beauty care, you can sign up to receive monthly Beauty Hero Boxes.

Box on

You want to test products before committing to a brand? Do you like getting gifts and that moment of rush before you see what’s inside? Well you’re in the right spot. Commit to a one of a kind subscription. On the first week of each month you will receive a Beauty Discovery box. A unique and filled with goodies package of everything you could ever dream of. From hair care products to skin care – you will get much more than you ever hoped for. Each box is valued at least 90$ and much often even more. We all know size matters. That’s why each Beauty Discovery box is filled with full-size products – each meeting the Ingredient Standard which is currently the strictest standard in the beauty industry. Pick and choose your subscription directly from the website here

Help wanted

Feel inadequate to make the decision on which product will be the best for you? Beauty Heroes has you covered in every way possible. Head to their Ingredient Intel and read all about Ingredient standard, superpower ingredients and – most importantly – villain ingredients. This section will help you make an informed decision. Not that you need any help – you simply can’t go wrong with shopping at

Much more to give

But like for every strong and influential woman being a CEO for Jeannie was just the beginning. Jeannie recently just became an author and published her first e-book “Be your own Beauty Hero” on empowerment, knowledge and resources you need to make healthy beauty choices. So now simply go to and subscribe to begin your journey with conscious beauty. 

Hero on!

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