Best pizza in Milan

Best pizza in Milan

We all love pizza right? Whether it’s a classic choice like a little margarita or something more fancy pizza is always a good choice. Eating a real Italian pizza in Naples is still high on my bucket list but when I bought my ticket to Milan I couldn’t just eat salads right? So the search for the perfect pizza began.

What source I consider the best for such research? It’s TripAdvisor. I mean you guy’s are the best judges of what’s good and what’s not so how can we not trust each other right? And boy where you right in that case. Pizza AM – the most recommended spot in Milan was located a little outside the center of the city. A short drive away from the noisy touristy district it didn’t convince me at first. The name sounded nothing like I hoped it would. No “Pizza Milano” or “Pizza a’la…” it sounded like a cheap pizza from one of those food chains. But the spot itself – you could see it from a mile away. We visited it on a Saturday afternoon. The street was pretty empty and quiet – apart from one spot. In from of the pizzeria there were dozens of people holding wine glasses and laughing. Yup, were in the right place.

Right at the door we were greeted by the owner who handed us with a little piece of freshly backed Italian sandwich and a glass of wine. We had to wait 10 minutes for our table which wasn’t a problem – mainly because we were already eating. The pizza was great. I chose a classical margarita and my husband chose something a little more extravagant.

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