My Hawaiian story

My Hawaiian story
So what’s the deal with me and Hawaii. How come a girl from Poland is calling herself the “Aloha Traveler”?

I heard a lot of stories about people who moved to Hawaii for a couple of weeks and suddenly considered themselves Hawaiian. Of course I think that’s silly but I have to admit it’s easy to feel like an islander when you’re in Hawaii.

I don’t know if it’s because of the incredible people, the overall “Aloha Spirit” or just the islands their selves but it’s hard not to feel right at home when there. Never did I consider myself Hawaiian but I did feel like right at home #sorrynotsorry

I visited Hawaii several times in my life. The first time was when I was just a toddler and later on when we returned there every year. I went do kindergarten there, had my summer internships and worked a little bit during collage years as well. I believe it was then when I felt in love with this place. And not just the picture perfect spots like the Waikiki beach or the Diamond Head lookout but everything in between. The nice cashier at Foodland, the traffic that although always slow makes you get everywhere you want on time, and the older ladies making lei’s to greet people at the airport.

Not a single thing bothered me when I lived there and I made it my goal to take that attitude with me back to Poland.

My few months in Hawaii changed my life forever. I woke up, got to travel to different islands, meet amazing people, and do the ordinary stuff (shopping, car wash, bills) that made me fell in love even more.

I need to highlight it strongly – I don’t and never have considered myself Hawaiian. But I do consider myself Aloha. As I travel the world I feel so proud and happy seeing people in their pics posing with the Shaka sign instead of Peace. (No, nothing against Peace – I just like Shaka as well).

I hope at least some of them bothered to learn the meaning of the sign instead of thinking it’s a cool “surfer” way of posing #learntheshaka.

So what is it with me and Hawaii? I love it with every part of my body. I never felt to Polish in the first place (that’s thanks to my mom who made sure I spend as much time as possible traveling) but when I landed in Hawaii I just knew I belong. Since then I introduced the islands to a couple of close friends who traveled with me. And now? Well the islands had become a huge problem in my marriage…every time we book a flight my husband just has to go to Hawaii. I on the other hand am torn between the rest of the world which still remains unseen to me and my “Aloha home”. Don’t worry about us – we are in therapy 🙂

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