Spontaneous Paris

Spontaneous Paris
Have you ever heard about the „Paris Syndrome”? It’s a mental disorder (I know, way to start a post about Paris) exhibited by some individuals when visiting Paris as a result of extreme shock when they discover that Paris is not what they expected it to be.

I wanted to visit the city of love for quite some time and being able to fly there for a romantic weekend with my husband was like a dream. To be frank I was so ready to see anything but the magical Paris that I was in a positive shock. Yes, the capital of France does have it’s darker and more neglected sides but for the most of it Paris was just as magical, french and romantic as I hoped.

We found a safe yet not to glamorous motel in a bit shady part of the town (I found out about it as I was boarding my plane) and took the subway everywhere we went. It seemed safe enough even at night. I love cities which are unique. In which you instantly know where you are (such as London). Paris in my opinion wasn’t one of those places. Of course the center of the city was as French as it gets. But the rest of Paris I could easily confuse with Berlin (at least as far as architecture goes).

What is so magical about the city of love? A lot actually. The culture, the cuisine, the people and of course the language. All of those elements combined gave us the perfect Parisian weekend.

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