TASSI – a tool for every Instagrammer

TASSI – a tool for every Instagrammer

Aa a new blogger/influencer you can get a bit overwhelmed with all the tools you have to or should use. One help to edit your content, others help publish it. There are so many solutions to go through and even before you start using them you have to read the latest reviews of each one of them. Being an influencer is so exhausting (and people say all we do is take nice photos and write funny captions).

A solution to all your problems is here. When looking for the best software you hope that its author knows what you’re dealing with and has been down the same road you’re on now. There is no better marketing specialist in the current market than Marketing Solved. With constant updates, marketing tips and tools this platform has just become the creator of the Automated Social Software TASSI.

TASSI – exclusively from Marketing Solved – is not only a game changer in the social media game but also a huge time saver. Most apps and softwares help you with planning your post and publishing them. TASSI goes takes a step back and helps you with creating your content from scratch.

Wether you’re using Lightroom, Photoshop, Canva or any other program to create your content we all know there is nothing more important that the stuff you post. Nowadays most of our audience are visuals and they will scroll right through your post if you won’t captivate them immediately. If you’re not intro graphic design and creating content isn’t your strong suit TASSI is the tool for you.

Everything from smart marketing calendar, custom graphics designer, image editor and social media schelduing. You can find everything you need in just one place. Choose from a big verity of templates that will make your work ten times faster. Personalize your content in seconds.

Once setting up all your social media credentials you can start using the TASSI calendar. Whether it’s a quote, funny graphic ora blog post you can choose from many pre-writen statuses. Use the copy suggested by the software or insert your own caption. There is so much to choose from. TASSI post on your behalf on the day you selected in the calendar. With a easy progress tracker you know exactly how much more posts you should prepare.

I work full time and managing my social media profile takes up a lot of my free time (which I could spend on booking plane tickets). I was using different solutions and don’t get me wrong – they were fine. But TASSI gave me everything I needed in just one place. By the time 2018 ended I had everything prepared and ready to go. My favorite feature? They add new things every time I log in. New templates, new quotes and functionalities. I can’t wait for you all to try it now (and you’re in luck because you can find more details in the link below).


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