Thai to go – Thai cooking class

Thai to go – Thai cooking class

Any foodies out there? Yes – I’m talking to you. Do you enjoy a little spring roll? A shrimp Pad Thai or Coconut Chicken Soup? What a coincidence! So do I. Asia is famous it’s cuisine – and anyone who tries it understands why.

I love Asian food. Chinese, Japanese, Cambodia, Thai – there all sooo yummy! So yummy in fact that I had to learn exactly how to prepare my favorite meals. I’m not too big on learning new things while I’m on my trips (well, maybe a new dance style or something like that) – especially when it means spending ½ day standing over a hot vok while the temperature outside is sizzling. But for the greater good of my stomach and taste buds I decided to participate in a Thai cooking class while we visited Chiang Mai. And let me tell you right now – I’m glad we did.

Chiang Mai (like most of Thailand) is full of cooking schools. It’s not easy to pick the right one since they all teach you how to prepare the same exact meals. The only thing you can do is read the reviews but they all have pretty good anyway so just pick one and book it right away.

I won’t describe the process of how a typical day like this looks like – I much rather share with you some pics of the delicious food we prepared. And by “we” I mean me and my husband who btw had a great time and I think for the first time ever enjoyed cooking. We prepared 7 meals which we all got to eat or take home with us. By the end of the day (which was at about 5.00 pm) we were rolling out of the class room and struggling to breath. Our group was tiny (us two and a super friendly Aussie) so we got a lot of attention from our teacher. And the food? I’m so glad I got it with me whenever I want – and boy do I want it a lot:)

PS – if you’re wondering we learned at Siam Rice Cooking School in Chiang Mai and I can highly recommend it!

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