Top 5 cafes in London

Top 5 cafes in London

I’m having slight problems with understanding how is it possible, that London is still growing so much. I’ve visited it 7 times in the past 5 years and still I find more and more new spots that I just have to visit *panic mode*

I couldn’t even begin pointing out all the things I love about this city. It is by far my favorite spot in Europe and I have spend countless hours on flights arguing with Wojtek if it should be our favorite place in the world (sorry London – Hawaii still wins).

But the main reason why London will always have our heart is because we love to eat (I think even more than we love each other – hmmm, something to talk about during our next session 🙂 ) and this city seams to be creating new restaurants, cafes and bars everyday. How can you not love that!?

Ok ladies – let’s get to the point. From all of the cafes and cute, instagramable spots and deserts in London – which are the best ones and worth your time? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Elan Cafe – no shocker here. Elan Cafe is a well know spot in London and (I think) all girls want to have their photos taken there. Is it worth it? Well, let’s put it this way – we waited in a tight space, next to the coffee machine for almost an hour. Does this answer your questions? There is a variety of freshly backed goods waiting for you and even if (for some reason) you won’t be hungry at the moment you still will order something – believe me. I still believe that Elan Cafe – like no other cafe in London -understands the power of eating with your eyes. The food is so appealing, colorful and smells so incredibly you can’t help but order a ton of it. And then the truth hits you – it tastes as good as it looks like. So go! Go and visit this spot. You won’t regret it.


  1. Peggy Porshen Cakes – another famous cafe spot you want to visit is Peggy’s Porshens Cakes. This cafe is finally expanding and soon you will be able to choose out of two equally beautiful locations (for details check out their SM profiles). So what is so special about Peggy’s? First of all all the girls that want that famous „in front of the cafe” pic. This means a line which thankfully moves pretty quickly. For the best shots I recommend staying outside. The cafe is known for an incredible decor which they change accordingly to the seasons. This means you can visit it any time of the year and you never know how the place will look like. Awesome right? And as far as the food goes – well it’s just as tasty as you thought it would be. The multilayer cakes, cupcakes and hot coco will make your mouth water!

  1. Thomas’s at Burberry – if you’re in the mood for something fancy this is the one for you. There are no tourists lining up just to take a photo and no one is talking loud in order to record some Stories. I consider this spot bit more high class. You can eat and dine in the most elegant decor. With a verity of tea’s, coffees and pastries this can be the best place in the Oxford/Regent Street area to relax. If you’re in the mood for a little something extra you can go ahead and purchase one of the items displayed inside. I don’t have to tell you how beautiful they are.

  1. Crosstown Doughnuts – So you’ve taken the sweet and cute pics, you visited the elegant and expensive spot – now it’s time to do something fun. And Crosstown Doughnuts are the place to visit. If you’re a doughnut connoisseur like me you have to visit one of their many locations. Although the space to eat their freshly backed doughnuts is limited but that doesn’t stop to many people. We ate them on the steps of their shop and the taste sure didn’t disappoint. The down side? There are simply to many options to choose from. Tastes, colors, vegan options. Good luck leaving this place with just one doughnut.

  1. Bread Ahead – saved the most challenging spot for last. I highly recommend visiting this place only when you are completely and totally full. Otherwise you will eat everything there is. I had small problems with finding the bakery as it doesn’t stand out from the surrounding buildings that much. But the variety of backed goods is something else. Wether you want to eat in or choose takeaway you will not be disappointed with what Bread Ahead has to offer. Doughnuts, freshly backed bread, Italian pastries – they have it all. You enter on your own risk.

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