Top cafes in Bali

Top cafes in Bali

When you’re browsing through Instagram it’s hard not to stumble upon peoples pics from Bali. Every other snap is either from a balinese temple, villa, infinity pool or one of their famous cafes. I won’t debate the beauty of the first three spots – Bali sure know how to build temples and beautiful hotels with dream like pools but the cafes?

Why people who (sometimes) travel half way around the world are so eager to visit an „instagramable” cafe or restaurant than just go to the beach or do literally anything else? And more importantly – are they worth it?

I was in Bali for a week on a Pangea Dreams retreat. For those of you who don’t know what Pangea Dreams is head over here to read my review. Anyway – the week I spend in Bali was definitely not enough and I did feel a bit overwhelmed with the things I wanted to do and see. Bali is one of the top spots to see now. With millions of pics online and most of them on Instagram you are constantly reminded that if you can’t take the perfect IG pic there you won’t take it anywhere. I had my list of places I knew I have to visit and while the retreat covered most of the „blogger spots” such as the rice terraces, breakfast in pool, beach etc there still was this one last place I had to go too (by one I mean at least 6-7).

So where did I go to and what do I think? 

Kynd Community

A place that needs no introduction. Know for the pink wall, beautiful coconut Acai Bowls and fun signs made out of fruit. Anyone who uses Instagram on a daily basis knows this place even without ever being here. Somehow this was the last spot I visited before heading to the airport and I have to admit I was so happy I made it. The place is packed with tourist. No one will look at you and whisper unnecessary comments while you take your tenth or hundredth pic. If you need a different angle people are happy to help out and move. This is what we all came here for and there is no denial about it. KYND also know’s where you here. They do everything and more to make sure the whole place is Insta-perfect. From many walls in front of which you can pose, to fun signs anywhere you look to the food. Oh the food. When you’re done taking photos and you just wanna enjoy what you have ordered they bring out the most perfect drink, salat, bowl, etc. The food is just as good as it looks like. It’s really hard not to fall in love with the place. 

Coffee Cartel

The list of spots I wanted to visit went on and on. From ice-cream spots to restaurants with cool decor. I had to pick and choose – so we went to Coffee Cartel. Why? Well mostly for their food and pink latte’s (kidding – the process was much more difficulty). Coffee Cartel is a beautiful and bit more modern place. Although the inside of the spot isn’t THAT interesting their food sure is something you will want to capture. The bowls are huge, the drinks delicious and their lattes – well, they let you decide what kind of design, sign, logo, pic you want on the top of the ring our’re sipping. Below are some pics of our choices but the decision process was far to long (give a girl 5 options and she will think for an hour but give her milion and she may never leave). Outside the restaurant is an alley in which you will find a pretty pink mural. This place may not be the top destination but im sure glad I visited it.

Strawberry Files

Ok, enough with the coffee shops. How much pink lattes can anyone drink right? So for our final night we went to a restaurant that maybe wasn’t the most obvious choice when it came to decor but it sure intrigued us when it came to the food. The menu was so hilarious it took me a looong time to decide what I want. 

*TIP – don’t got o that place alone. You need someone who will order stuff you want just for what it’s called in the menu

And so I ordered Ryan Gosling (he and I wanted to get together for a long time so no shock there, and 

The food was without the doubt the best guilty pleasure I had that week. Don’t get me wrong – I like acai bowls and salats but give me French fries with cheese and bacon and im a happy girl. You can’t go wrong ordering there. Oh – and the place is cute too 🙂

The Lawn

This technically isn’t a cafe but it still was beautiful so you should definitely check it out. With open spaces, many comfortable chill zones and beach front views its hard not to spend many hours in that spot. The Lawn offers funky drinks and delicious food. And if you will get tired of eating, drinking and talking (yes, that’s possible) you can enjoy your time on the dance floor. Wait – I didn’t mention before you can dance there? My bad. PS – the dance floor is located right under the stars. Bali Style.

The truth is Bali is full of Instagramable cafes and spots. You can’t go wrong picking the ones you want to visit. My pics are just supposed to show you what you can expect and start practicing your “I’m not posing – I’m eating and laughing while doing it” pose 🙂




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