Weekend in Milan

Weekend in Milan
For most of my life my travels were all about seeing, visiting, exploring as much as I can. Once I landed in a new city I ran to the hotel to leave my baggage and then just  start exploring the city. A lot of the cities were all about checking off spots from my bucket list. With time (as can be expected) this become  exhausting. This is why our trip to Milan was so special. We had nothing planned.

Milan was not a spot I wanted to see. Not because it doesn’t fascinate me but there are some places a lot (like a lot) higher on my “to see” list. Milan wasn’t even close. But then again to visit Rome, Paris or Istanbul and not see everything would be painful.

When the tickets dropped I just bought them and with my infinite wisdom made up the rest as I went. It was cool to start planning my true Italian birthday. We landed in Milan and just started doing nothing. The best way for us to do nothing is to do it with the best Italian gelato in hand so we found the place that serves them and just lost ourselves in ice cream. Cioccolatitaliani (https://www.cioccolatitaliani.it/) blew my mind away. Till today I don’t know what flavor I had by it was worth traveling to Milan just for a scoop of those bad boys again.

What else? Ahh the usual – The Giorgio Armani Café, the Nobu Sushi spot, the Galeria Emanualle (no, no shopping happened there – im still the girl who works 9-5) and Duomo. We ate the best pizza in Italy (I didn’t eat a Neapols pizza yet so this one still is my #1). And the overall experience was incredible. Pick a spot and then just go for it!

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